Hi there, I'm Brendon Connelly, but you can call me Bren. I'm a dad, spouse, climber, surfer, and reader. I'm a Fortune 500 refugee, currently serving as Chief Operations Officer for The Dougy Center. I also help folks stay stocked up on fresh hearing aid batteries through my side hustle at BatteryHeroes.com. My LinkedIn profile tells the whole story.

I write letters at ATTN. I keep an infrequently updated personal blog at bren : blog, occasionally write about other interests at Compound Simplicity, and keep it short on Twitter. I'm off and on with Facebook, but when I'm on my username is brendon.connelly. When I run, I track it at RunKeeper, my musical preferences can be found at Last.fm, gawk at my bookmarks on Pinboard, or browse my hilariously amateurish photos on Flickr. Also, if you know my normal email address, you can find me on Instapaper. If you'd like to contact me, hit me up at hello@brendonconnelly.com