Slacker manifesto

My Slacker@Work entry has been scraped off the ChangeThis website and they’ve asked me to write the full manifesto. They’ve got a special Word template that is used to help them reformat the manifesto into their PDF layout. They made it clear that there are no guarantees that what I write will actually be published on the site and if it does get published, it’ll be placed in a “slushpile” section of the site which is devoted to submissions like mine, and not the commissioned stuff that you see on the front page. Regardless of all the caveats, I’m kinda stoked to get the chance to write the thing. I also recently finished a book called “Thinking Like Your Editor” which was super-helpful in getting me to understand how to write a book proposal. That knowledge will come in pretty handy when writing the manifesto too. In my understanding, a book proposal is simply a toned down business plan. You’ve got to sell the idea and identify the market and the competition. The ChangeThis manifesto will just focus on selling the idea, of course, but the advice in the book will go a long way toward helping me distill my swirling thoughts. Anyway, it’s good news. I’ll post the text of the manifesto here when I’m done writing it.

One thought on “Slacker manifesto

  1. I can’t wait to read it Slacker@Work manifesto!

    By the way, Purpose Driven Smackdown from the linkharvest was entertaining. 🙂

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