10 thoughts on “Pics!

  1. Sure, you can recommend all you like… 🙂

    I still think you guys missed a golden opportunity when you didn’t name Brendan “Isaac”…

  2. I’m all over Doodlebody. Can’t go wrong with that.

    He’s a good-looking kid! I can’t help but conjecture about the sort of sci-fi-looking atmosphere of the photo and threads. All very dreamy, like maybe the movie AI…? Not that his intelligence would be artificial or anything remotely like that. I mean… Okay, I’ll shut up now.



  3. Congrats! Soon you will double your pleasure. Look forward to the haircuts you will come up with the second time around.

  4. He’s beautiful. Congratulations.
    RE names – my I just suggest that you avoid yet another Celtic name ending in -en, -an, -ion, etc. 🙂

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