I don’t like Typepad

I’m done with Typepad. I had problems with their customer service in the past, which were quite frustrating and now the application has been down for many hours. And Slacker Manager is displaying content that’s two days old. I’ve had people write to me asking for the recent del.icio.us post and I’ve had to point them to Google’s cache or the AllBusiness blog. Not cool.

Once I can access the application again, I’ll be exporting all the entries and files and setting up a new WordPress blog elsewhere. Once it’s up and running and redirects are working, I’ll change the DNS entries and that’ll be that. Or maybe now is the time to just have one blog and let it be the AllBusiness.com one. I’ll have to think about that…

4 thoughts on “I don’t like Typepad

  1. I’ve only just discovered you! Please don’t ditch the slacker! I finally have a great label for myself! I’ve always said, “I’m efficient and creative because I’m basically lazy – and if there’s an easier, faster way to get a job done (while retaining quality) I’m gonna find it!” How much easier it is to say. “OH, I’m just a slacker manager” : )

    Blogs like yours are what I love about the web and blogging. I’ve only started blogging a few months ago, but i’ve found the neatest ideas and so many like-minded people – like you! The blogosphere reminds me of the early days of the web – when you could chat with intelligent people and share ideas and you wouldn’t have morons asking if you are looking for sex every second. To me blogs are kind of like “TiVo for chatting” – it’s not the same instant gratification, but in some ways it’s better because you can participate on your own schedule! And, the great ideas are saved so you can come back and read more anytime!

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