Quick mile and a half

Ran the 1.5 mile loop after a few days off (never did run in Boise). I pushed a little harder (and left Frodo at home) and ended up with a 7.34 minute/mile pace. Pretty good.

In about a week, we’re going to visit friends in Redmond. There’s a 5k in Bend that they’re going to do and they asked if I’d be interested in running it too, so I am. The the other day Troy called back to see if I’d be interested in being on a team in an “adventure race.” I wasn’t so sure about that one, since it’s supposed to be 5 hours long the night before the 5k. But he talked me into it. We’ve got 4 guys on our team, only one of whom I don’t already know. I’m sure I’ll be the weak link…just hope I don’t let them down (too much). You’re never sure what you’re in for until you are in the race, but the gear list includes stuff for biking, climbing and orienteering. And I’m sure there’ll be some running in there too. Yikes!

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