Moxie Java vs. Dutch Bros

I visit Boise, ID roughly monthly for a couple of days. I used (grudgingly) get coffee at a local chain called Moxie Java. Recently, an Oregon-based chain called Dutch Bros. has entered the Boise market, and they’re rocking it.

Moxie seems to be primarily a walk-in joint, though they do good drive-thru business as well. Dutch Bros is all drive-thru, all the time. No store space whatsoever, though some shops do have little seats outside a walk-up window. The biggest difference, though, is the quality of coffee. Every single Moxie store I’ve been to has served up coffee that’s barely palatable. For the longest time, I thought that’s just what Boise people liked. What else could explain the proliferation of Moxie Java joints all over that town? Then I visited Rembrandt’s and realized that good coffee did exist in the Boise-metro area (Rembrandts is in Eagle).

Since Dutch Bros started popping up in the Boise area (there are at least three that I know of), I’m guessing that Moxie is scratching their heads, wondering where all their drive-thru business has gone. I bet they have no idea how much people enjoy decent coffee.

Here’s my prediction: Within 2 years, Moxie will either:
1) close 50% of their stores
2) go out of business altogether
3) fix their coffee and save their business

Personally, I hope it’s #3. Moxie has a cool name and a great vibe in their stores. They’re locally owned, too. But I really think they won’t turn it around in time. I’m guessing they’ll reduce the number of stores by half within two years. I hope I’m wrong, but they’ve got to execute some heroic maneuvers to get out of this fix and salvage their brand.

6 thoughts on “Moxie Java vs. Dutch Bros

  1. I’m not surprised that the Bros is doing well: Southern Oregon and Southern Idaho have a *lot* in common personality-wise.

    I spent quite a few quality lunch/dinner breaks at the Moxie on Overland and Five Mile – looked like a total hole-in-the-wall, but had great atmosphere and yummy pastries!

    Flying M coffee downtown used to be pretty tasty as well.

  2. Dutch Brothers? I don’t get it. Every time I get coffee there I think, “Hmm, must be an off day.” (Maybe when I ask for 1 percent there I get skim. Eww.)

    Hope you’re learning lots at Gordon.

  3. I don’t think I’ve been to Moxie Java more than once or twice…I just hate the name. It sounds like the owner wanted to come across as “agro” or something. There’s no Moxie in Seoul, I am happy to report. Starbucks is in force here more so than in PDX, I’d say…but no Moxie.

  4. Dutch bros are locally franchised stores and do alot of giveback to the community….. Do that’s cool too. And they don’t carry 1%, but if you ask for a nonfat/2% combo, it’s a better flava flav.

  5. Dutch Bros is amazing! Everytime I go in there I am greeted by the friendliest employees! Not to mention the coffee is always yummy!

  6. Hahahaha I just came across This post! I have lived in boise/Nampa area for years, I think the only moxie java I know of is in Nampa and mountain home and I’m still not sure if that’s lucky perch Also now! Good prediction ?

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