Next adoption

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but we’re in the process of adoption a second (and final!) child. From South Korea, like Tru. We indicated no preference with respect to gender. Even though we opted for no preference, we’re pretty likely to get another boy. Out of country adoptions from South Korea are mostly boys. That’s probably due to a few cultural reason, one being that in-country adoptions tend to favor girls because male bloodlines are so important. Anyway, we’re going for it one more time.

This time it’s going to be more of a stretch, financially, than it was last time, since I’m in a different job and Amy’s only been working half-time. Amy’s going back full-time this year, to help with the savings and we’re probably going to have to liquidate one retirement savings account early next year. So it was with interest that I learned about this new DropCash thingy that a couple of guys put together. I posted it on the Link Harvest a while ago and today I created a “campaign” for our adoption expenses. You can see the link in the upper left corner of this page. I don’t expect that we’ll actually generate much funding that way, but it’s an interesting experiment in any case. So, if you’re inclined, throw a couple of bucks our way via the campaign. 🙂

An interesting side note…Amy’s been busy this weekend, making new photo albums of Tru’s early years. Tru loves looking through them and this morning he started asking about where he came from… He asked if we got him at the hospital and if God made him. We’ve been a little nervous about this day. We’ve never tried to hide or mask the fact that he’s adopted. We’ve been pretty open about talking about Korea with him. But he’s just beginning to question things on his own.