An Internet Literacy

I think this post on better Internet literacy is just right on. Especially the question about ‘what are the 10 things we wish everyone on the Internet knew.’ I’m not sure I can come up with a full ten things, but here’s a shot at it, and I’m poaching some of the things the original author mentioned…

  1. The value of using multiple browsers
  2. How to sync bookmarks across browsers (and good use of bookmark toolbars)
  3. How to read URLs (in order to thwart spoofing)
  4. The importance of strong passwords, and how to construct unique, easy to remember passwords
  5. How to use an online bookmarking service (and why)
  6. Basic security when using public WiFi
  7. The basics of online presence and reputation

Relatedly, this post about eight critical skills for the future is also right on the money. The skills listed are sort of higher level thinking, but important nonetheless:

  1. Communication management
  2. Reputation management
  3. Privacy management
  4. Information management
  5. Opportunity management
  6. Technology management
  7. Relationship management
  8. Legacy management

Others have also mentioned the lasting importance of two ‘old school’ skills: time management, and money management. That sounds right to me…as long as time and money are in short supply for individuals, these skills will be critical.

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