Best DAI/Euro plug audio adapter cable for BAHA

If, like me, you’ve got one or more BAHA sound processors, you probably have searched for a decent direct audio input (DAI aka Euro plug) cord or cable to connect the sound processors to your iPod, iPhone, laptop, Discman, whatever. I’ve tried several and I’ve finally settled on the one I think is the best. I’m passing it along here because it’s probably easier to find than buried in the BAHA_PPL Yahoo group.

The one I’ve been using and enjoying the most comes from Oaktree Products and the item number is DPV1M. Here’s a direct link: That link goes to the bilateral version. If you only need one side (monaural), look for item number DPS800 or here’s a direct link: NOTE: I’ve got no financial interest in either the manufacturer of the cable, nor the retailer. I’m just a happy customer.

The reason I think this is the best DAI cord/cable is that the DAI connector is gold plated and the sheath covering the wires is rubberized. I do a lot of physical activity which invariably gets sweat around the BAHA units. Typical cords have a silver colored connector and it quickly starts to corrode and need cleaning/maintenance. The gold plated connector resists this kind of corrosion better. The rubberized sheath is very similar to current iPod earbud cables, which resist tangling when coiled. They are very nice. The best part is that my binaural cord is cheaper than the monoaural cord sold by And doesn’t even sell a binaural cord (as of this writing…I heard it’s in the works).

The one catch to all this is that the seller of the cables, Oaktree Products, is a wholesaler to audiologists. So you’ll need to either be an audiologist or have your audiologist put in the order for you. Their shipping was pretty quick–I ordered a couple of cables and had them within a week. These cables are so good that I never want to run out (in case of loss or damage), so I think I’ll be ordering up another couple pretty soon.

6 thoughts on “Best DAI/Euro plug audio adapter cable for BAHA

  1. Thanks for the info. I just got a Bluetooth DAI device to work with my iPhone (and MacBook Pro, or iMac). The problem is this DAI connector has prongs that are too large, and won’t fit into the smaller three holes on the bottom of my Divino Baha. The products you suggest look just like the kind I just got and don’t fit. Plus it’s polarized, meaning one prong is even larger than the other, the longer middle being the same diameter as the smaller side prong.

    Do other Baha Sound Processors accept this “standard?” DAI connector, and it’s just my Divino that needs thinner equal length prongs?

    Do you know of very small adaptor to go between, something that’s about 3-4 mm long? (To convert the fatter prongs to the thin equal length prongs.)

  2. Thanks a lot for the information. Can you give me an idea of price? I am looking for the monaural for my niece in Colombia. The problem would be to find an audiologyst in Miami to order it for me. Thanks again.

  3. Tom
    The Divino and Intenso sound processors have been superseded by the BP100 and BP110, both of which have larger Europin connector holes on their lower side. If you aren’t likely to upgrade your sound processor, you can still buy the older version of the cable but you will have to shop around. At a push, the UK supplier may be able to help.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Cochlear claims you need to use their proprietary audio cable for BAHAs with built-in filter to prevent spikes. I always wondered if this was really necessary, and it looks like you’ve found it isn’t. Still, though, I wonder if there are warranty issues if something does go south with the processor when using an unfiltered cable.

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