Man, I have been neglectful (is that a word?) over here. Slacker Manager has been sucking in all my attention lately. Speaking of which, it’s going pretty well. Thanks for asking. I’m getting about 300 visitors per day and nearly double that in page views. And, as of a moment ago, 75 people were subscribed to the RSS feed. I don’t know 75 people. That’s kinda freaky. Makes me wonder what the second month will be like.

3 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. Remember the little people when you are famous. Oh, and don’t be a slacker when it comes to the Bren Blog yo! All business and no personal blog makes Brendon a dull boy.

  2. Bren, you are far to productive to be a slacker. You need to watch CLERKS to be reminded of what a true slacker is.

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