Pictures and writing

So, it looks like I’m number one. At least for now. That’s some slight consolation for the server going down and making the Link Harvest lose it’s Google ranking. Anyway, I guess that means that the two proposals in front of mine were asked to write them, leaving me with the first spot. That’s kinda cool, but I was really looking forward to lapping the #2 guy–I just needed two more votes! On the scary side, this means that I might actually have to write that thing…

Now about pictures. There are some newbies in Sadie’s album, so if you’re fond of her you might have a look. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for some new pics of Tru to upload to his album, so have a look there too.

Sorry for the quick posting. I’ve got lots to write about, but I’m kinda burned out on webby stuff right now.