Serve day

I did a different kind of work today. Today was ‘Serve Day’ at the university. That means that everyone, and I mean everyone, goes out into the local community and does manual labor. All kinds of stuff–painting, yard work, ditch digging, roofing, building stuff, etc… It’s a really big deal, since the school shuts down for a day to do this. The planning is a big deal too. This year there were close to 100 groups going out into the community. Each group numbers between a dozen to upwards of 50 people. My group was one of the bigger ones. We went up to our church (I put in a special request to get assigned there) and did all the stuff I mentioned before. I mainly did exterior painting, though I also did some weedeater work, some sweeping, and some asphalt repair. I’m pretty tired now, and I guess all the students I worked with are too. I’ll try to get some pictures up another day.

Other groups were assigned to retirement homes, daycare places, individual homes, other churches, various parks around town, etc.

On another, unrelated note, I think I’ll be ditching the Link Harvest pretty soon. I’ll still collect links and I’ll still post them on the sidebar, but I just won’t host the Harvest on anymore. I’ll be moving my posting over to and the sidebar will stay populated from that RSS feed. I’ve subscribed to the ‘most popular’ RSS feed for a while now, and I really like the interconnectedness of the site (especially this hack). I also like that when/if goes down again, I’ll still have the Link Harvest. ‘Course, if goes down, I’m outta luck. I’ll risk it.

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  1. I remember serve days with fondness and soreness. Digging out a basement is a hard to forget experience. Good times . . .

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